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Restaurant Disinfection

Reduce The Risk: Cleaning And Disinfecting Your Facility

What is the most important thing that you can do to prevent the spread of infection from surfaces in the workplace and public spaces? Regularly wash your hands or use...

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Invested in Disinfection Services? Show It Off!

DIS.IN.FX provides ongoing professional disinfection and support services to business owners who want to ensure the highest level of confidence in their customers and staff about the cleanliness and safety of their...

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Under Threshold

DIS.IN.FX Checks All of the Boxes – Treat. Test. Certify.

There are cleaning companies, janitorial services, sanitation companies, and more recently disinfection companies. With so many newcomers on the scene in the disinfection business, it can be tough to tell the true...

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School Disinfection

DIS.IN.FX Offers Protection Making It Safe for Students in Schools

It has, officially, been a year since the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted our sense of normalcy in just about every way imaginable. We have had to make major shifts in how...

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disinfectant spray

How Disinfectants Work

It’s everywhere you turn…in the news, on TV, magazines, the internet…reminders of just how vulnerable we are to bacteria and viruses, and when those stories involve frightening tales of E.Coli...

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Gym Disinfection

Sanitation vs Disinfecting Your Business, Classroom, or Gym

After living under the shroud of the Covid-19 pandemic for close to a year now, we cannot deny the impact that it has made on our way of life. Not...

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kill virus

Infection Disinfection Services Best Practices

The Covid-19 virus has hit us in unimaginable ways and has threatened our collective feelings of safety and security of our health and the health of our loved ones, friends,...

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