It has, officially, been a year since the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted our sense of normalcy in just about every way imaginable. We have had to make major shifts in how we work, socialize, celebrate holidays, and travel, and while the pandemic has posed many challenges to the daily life of adults, it has had an even greater impact on how children learn, stay actively involved in extracurricular activities, and how children socialize.

The experts all agree that children need to return to all that school offers, academics, arts, music, sports, and social development, and it’s crucial that they be able to attend in person. The most pressing question is, however, how do we achieve this in the safest way possible?

Protecting students, teachers, and staff against the spread of germs and illnesses has long been a challenge. Each year, schools and school districts consider best practices for the prevention of illnesses and infections, such as influenza, the common cold, staph infections, ringworm, among others, in classrooms, locker rooms, cafeterias, and other common areas with high traffic. The Covid-19 pandemic further highlights the necessity of reducing and practically eliminating risk of exposure to such illnesses while students are at school.

How Can DIS.IN.FX Help Keep Schools Safe?

DIS.IN.FX has long been a trusted source for protecting children in schools from the spread of infections and viruses. Let’s face it, students aren’t always practicing the most hygienic routine handwashing and observing the social distancing protocols recommended by health experts. Schools are potential hotbeds for exposure to illness; therefore, it only makes sense to trust the experts in commercial disinfection at DIS.IN.FX to help ensure that you are providing the highest level of protection against the potential exposure to dangerous strains of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other types of contaminants in every aspect of the educational setting. “We saw a drastic reduction in student illnesses once we started using DIS.IN.FX” stated Jackie Tisdale, Ascension Public Schools. From the classroom to the locker room to hallways to even busses, we have what it takes to keep students and staff healthy while at school. Kris Hafezizadeh, of Austin ISD, noted the district decided “to be proactive, not only in all our schools but our buses and vehicles.”

We employ the use of safe disinfectants that are sprayed onto desks, chairs, railings, water fountains, athletic equipment, and other hard surfaces that are difficult to disinfect consistently because of the high volume of people accessing and touching them. This spraying technique leaves behind LAST™, a protective film on the surface that prevents microorganisms from growing on surfaces. The protection lasts on the surfaces with continuous prevention of the spread of odor-causing, bacteria, and fungi. “Keeping our schools and students safe is our top priority,” said, Stephanie Elizalde, Chief of School Leadership, Dallas ISD. “This is a worthwhile investment to help stop the spread of germs or illnesses inside our facilities.”

Testing is critical to determine the location of contamination points for treatment. Through testing, DIS.IN.FX will monitor the effectiveness of the treatment every month, and if any weaknesses are detected in the protection, we will retreat to ensure that these surfaces are sanitized, and protection is in full effect. An updated certification certificate is issued upon completion of testing and treatment. “DIS.IN.FX is always there to give our families and staff peace of mind,” added Millie Reinhart, Country Home Learning Center.

The Science Behind Our Protection

LAST™, our antimicrobial coating spray, will kill the germs on the surface immediately and create an invisible film that makes the surface inhospitable for odor-causing bacteria, mold, and fungi to grow or thrive.


Our antimicrobial agents employ the use of quaternary ammonium, a water-based system that is non-toxic, and when applied, it not only kills the germs but also prevents them from going viral by causing them to react with the surface and form an integrated system bond. Ion exchange and rapid polymerization create a durable antimicrobial barrier against odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, and algae.

Contact DIS.IN.FX: The Germ Experts

“DIS.IN.FX has been a great company to work with, they are very accommodating with our schools even changing their schedule of disinfecting with a spur of the moment’s notice. This service has been a great help with the pandemic and much more cost-effective to hire DIS.IN.FX than to have multiple employees at all of our schools and departments working overtime to keep the disinfecting ongoing. I highly recommend this company!” stated John Carr, Assistant Superintendent Operations-Facilities, Lake County Schools.

School districts have many options. DIS.IN.FX customizes programs based on the districts’ needs. DIS.IN.FX will consult with the school on the best way to maximize results and stay within budget. Should there be a positive case of any virus, illness, or infection, the DIS.IN.FX team offers emergency treatment services within 24-hours to be responsive to any immediate need.

At DIS.IN.FX, we have over ten years of experience providing professional commercial disinfection solutions for educational facilities, you don’t want to play around with the health and safety of your students, staff, parents, and visitors to your campuses and athletic facilities. Contact us to learn more.