The Covid-19 virus has hit us in unimaginable ways and has threatened our collective feelings of safety and security of our health and the health of our loved ones, friends, and co-workers in public and shared spaces. Not only does this quick-spreading and infectious virus spread readily through human contact and exposure, but it can also linger on surfaces and objects for anywhere between a couple of hours to a couple of days.

While we can do our part to reduce the spread of illness and infection by being mindful of our potential exposure and possible symptoms, isolating, social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing our hands, we are daily surrounded by infection and illness-causing germs and bacteria.

This is where the experts in commercial disinfection provide a crucial and invaluable service in delivering peace of mind and security when it is necessary to go to work, go to school, travel, go to the store, and many other essential functions within our society.

It is vital that we feel as protected as possible when navigating public spaces, which is precisely why business owners turn to disinfection companies like DIS.IN.FX when a business has been exposed to illness, to come in and thoroughly disinfect as quickly as possible to lessen the risk of widespread contamination to employees and clients or customers.


specialty disinfection services

While there are other companies in the disinfection market to choose from, DIS.IN.FX has over ten years of experience in providing expert disinfection and sanitation services to protect employees and customers. DIS.IN.FX has a proven track record of excellence and offers the most advanced and informed services to our clients.

  • Hospital-Grade EPA-Registered Disinfectants
  • Antimicrobial Coating
  • Unique Misting Application Process
  • Proactive Cross Contamination Strategy
  • Water-Based Products

Industries We Service

While many businesses allow for remote and virtual work for employees, many simply cannot; therefore, extra precautions are required to prevent the spread of illness to employees and customers.

  • Educational Institutions
  • Government
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Restaurants
  • Sports
  • Offices

If you are interested in establishing precautionary measures to reduce your business’ vulnerability to infection, consult the experts in germ warfare at DIS.IN.FX. We take your health and the health of your employees and customers seriously and offer unparalleled knowledge and expertise in professional commercial disinfection. Contact us today to learn more.