DIS.IN.FX provides ongoing professional disinfection and support services to business owners who want to ensure the highest level of confidence in their customers and staff about the cleanliness and safety of their facility or office. With over a decade of experience in the disinfection and sanitation industry, we have a solid reputation as a trusted ally in efforts to kill and prevent the spread of illnesses such as Influenza, pathogens, and other viruses.

Promoting Your Disinfection Certification

DIS.IN.FX not only offers superior disinfection services, but we provide post-service testing and certification for the work that we provide. We are so confident in our performance and treatment that we perform swab testing of the surfaces in your place of business to ensure that germ and bacterial levels are under control and below acceptable numbers. We will certify the results with a customized report to verify the results and provide you with certification marketing materials for display at your place of business.

Displaying this certification both at your place of business as well as online will serve as a physical signal of your dedication to the health and safety of your clientele and employees. This will not only instill confidence in the people with whom you do business or employ, but it will also increase the value of the services that your business serves to the community.

DIS.IN.FX will provide

  • Marketing Decals
  • Comprehensive Testing Reports
  • DIS.IN.FX Certified Wall Certificate
  • Print and Email Handouts

Your dedication to providing professional disinfection and sanitation services at your facility or workplace says that you place a high value on the personal protection of customers and staff and will only add to your reputation of quality for your company. Given the high stakes for business owners as we reopen and navigate the sensitive nature of a global recovery from a pandemic, it will pay to take the steps to display these disinfection certification materials at your business and in your online marketing to show that you take public health seriously.

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