Protect what’s essential to you with DIS.IN.FX.

Reduce sick days. Minimize liability. Achieve peace-of-mind.

Our Essential Solutions are essential to the hygiene of your facility. As experts in disinfection, we know the best way to protect people is to stop the spread of infection before it starts. The Essential Solutions we provide to help your facility operate at its best include surface protection, air quality, and pest control. Our monthly services help protect your facility from the transmission of infection by pests, air transfer, and germs on surfaces.


What's Essential to You

Commercial Janitorial Services service thubmnail

Commercial Janitorial Services

  • Floor care and carpet cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Window cleaning and more
Air Quality Protection service thubmnail

Air Quality Protection

  • Hospital-grade air filters
  • Antimicrobial treatment of return air duct
  • Air quality test
Pest Control Services service thubmnail

Pest Control Services

  • Insect & rodent protection
  • Protects facility from the infections pests may carry
Surface Protection service thubmnail

Surface Protection

  • Complete disinfection of all surfaces
  • Hospital-grade disinfectant
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • Surface ATP testing


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Don’t see the check?

Then it’s not DIS.IN.FX’d.

We take pride in delivering a certified clean, every time. If we ever settled for less than our best, we wouldn’t feel comfortable hanging the DIS.IN.FX® check on the wall when the job is done—because the job wouldn’t actually
be done.

We take ownership of the work we do as if we lived in the spaces we clean. Doing so ensures a top-notch attention-to-detail that’s unrivaled by anyone else in the business.

You can’t make a promise if you don’t test your work. DIS.IN.FX® backs its services with scientifically verifiable testing. When you see the DIS.IN.FX® check, you can rest assured that environment has been treated and tested to the DIS.IN.FX® standard.

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5-Star Reviews

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