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LAST™ Hospital Grade Disinfectant and Antimicrobial Coating.

Ongoing swab Testing insures clean surfaces and infection prevention plans are working. Consulting on results improves plans and efficiencies

Certified Reports and Marketing Materials prove that Germ Expert Certified facilities have advanced disinfection and surface protection




At DIS.IN.FX® we pride ourselves in helping people. Through our network of partner companies and authorized vendors we provide cutting edge services and products that result in our customer’s complete satisfaction.

    “Helping People Thrive” Our core belief at DIS.IN.FX® is simple and is utilized in all that we do. When making decisions that impact our customers, partners fellow employees, the communities we live and work in or mankind in general we consistently reference and apply our core belief.

Helping People
People are at the heart of the DIS.IN.FX® Difference. DIS.IN.FX® incorporates a consultive process that is founded in a genuine concern for process improvement, efficiencies and most importantly positive results. Our goal is to help our clients protect their staff, customers, their business and their brand name. Our goal is to add value and we strive to help grow our customers business by attracting and retaining quality customers for them.

The DIS.IN.FX® difference is experience. Not only in the length of time in the Antimicrobial Industry (over a decade), but in the variety of industries serviced, issues solved and the impressive loyal client base that DIS.IN.FX® has produced.

Solving Problems
Our team solves problems plain and simple. We face a range of problems every day. Whether it is a customer needing help on an infection issue or advice on how to more efficiently clean or disinfect regularly our team is truly amazing and with our ‘yes’ mentality we are able to solve problems all day every day!

Diverse Customer Base
Elite Military Divisions, Pro Sports Teams, Child Learning Centers, School Districts, Food Processing Plants, Emergency Rescue Teams and many more industries are serviced by DIS.IN.FX®. This diverse network of clients makes it clear that DIS.IN.FX® is a value add to the customers we service.

Our Process


The DIS.IN.FX® Treatment Process combines fogging/spraying/misting technologies that treat facilities with a proprietary blend of high powered disinfectants, cleaners and RAZOR Antimicrobial Coating™.

The DIS.IN.FX® Treatment Process ensures that all areas of the facility are Disinfected, Antimicrobial Coated and Germ Expert Certified™!

The DIS.IN.FX® products are water based with non-leaching technology.

The DIS.IN.FX® Treatment Process proven to kill 99.99% of harmful microbes and inhibit microbial growth reducing cross contamination.


DIS.IN.FX® utilizes ATP testing as a tool to detect the presence of microbial existence on surfaces. This testing can quickly and easily identify the cleanliness of surfaces.

ATP Testing provides a real time ‘count’ of microbes on the surfaces in a facility. By identifying “hot spots” or areas of concern we can confirm the effectiveness of the disinfection program being implemented at the facility.

DIS.IN.FX® uses ATP testing to detect the presence of microbial existence on surfaces. ATP Testing provides real time results. This can help to identify “hot spots” of microbial build-up and confirm the effectiveness of the disinfection program being implemented at the facility.


Once a facility is Treated and Tested, DIS.IN.FX® then certifies the facility Germ Expert Certified™. A facility is considered Germ Expert Certified™ when all ATP test results are under the recommended Germ Expert Threshold for the facilities’ industry.

The goal of the certification process is to help customers market the fact that they are proactive and go above and beyond to keep their customers and employees safe!

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