There are cleaning companies, janitorial services, sanitation companies, and more recently disinfection companies. With so many newcomers on the scene in the disinfection business, it can be tough to tell the true germ experts from the companies who only claim to be the real deal.

How do you know who you can trust to identify which germs, bacteria, or viruses pose a threat to your employees and customers? Who will not only eliminate that threat but will also stand behind the work that they do? Who can you trust to test to ensure that your business or facility is fully protected and provide certification of their effectiveness? Which disinfection company will routinely retest, retreat, and recertify the results to give you assurance and peace of mind?

It is important to use a company that can test the environment and has the analytic resources and data history to understand what thresholds are acceptable to minimize contamination. An unbiased, 3rd party consultant is the best solution to confirm your place of business has been properly disinfected.

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Experience and Expertise

Top of the list would be to weigh the company’s experience and expertise in the industry. With over a decade of experience in commercial disinfection services and a solid reputation of exceptional results, you can bet that you can count on the experts at DIS.IN.FX to go above and beyond the competition. With several large commercial disinfection contracts with medical facilities, NFL and NBA professional sports franchises, military bases, school districts and universities, you can bet that no job is too big for DIS.IN.FX to handle. We also handle smaller operations and businesses, such as child-care centers, commercial office spaces, restaurants, and retail stores. No matter the size of the job, DIS.IN.FX will zero in on the details and get the job done.

DIS.IN.FX Offers Peace of Mind with Our Treat-Test-Certify Services

When you partner with DIS.IN.FX for disinfection services, we will not only perform a thorough analysis of your current cleaning and disinfecting processes, but we will also offer a free professional consultation informing you of the best practices for sanitation and disinfection solutions to make sure that your customers and employees feel protected in your business or facility.

We base our recommendations for treatment on our exclusive Treat-Test-Certify service which we back up with an ongoing consultation that ensures that germs remain under control and that your facility remains below the threshold for germs, bacteria, and other pathogens.

Treat. Our treatment process provides complete disinfection of all surfaces within your office or facility with EPA registered, Hospital-Grade disinfectants.

Test. After treatment, DIS.IN.FX performs a series of swab tests to determine if any hot spots exist that may need to be retreated. We retreat any concerning areas where the tests reveal a presence of germs, that are above the acceptable threshold.

Certify. Once your facility has been treated thoroughly and all subsequent tests are below the acceptable threshold, DIS.IN.FX will certify your business and issue an Infection Risk Report and provide you with a disinfection certificate to display as well as a variety of marketing materials to display at your business to send the message to customers and staff that you are committed to protecting your staff and customers.

DIS.IN.FX Delivers on Disinfection

During times like these, it is important to trust the health and safety of your employees and customers to the experts in germ elimination and protection. DIS.IN.FX has over a decade of experience and has a reputation that can be put to the test and offers proven results. Even if you are using a cleaning company or janitorial service, we can engage as a 3rd party to spot check the quality of the disinfection work.

Contact us to learn more about our Treat-Test-Certify service and how it can deliver confidence in all who come into contact with your business.