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Protecting what matters most: the health and wellbeing of our children

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Picture this: You're the Head of School at a Montessori school in San Antonio, Texas. You get a call from a parent. Their child—and your student—isn’t feeling well, and is exhibiting symptoms of Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. The distraught parent on the other end of the phone thinks their kid picked it up at your facility. How do you respond? And what can you do to ensure that an outbreak doesn’t happen on your watch?

Well, if you have a time machine, you have one option: go back in time and hire DIS.IN.FX® to establish a regular janitorial and commercial cleaning schedule at your school, daycare, or preschool.

DIS.IN.FX® is your all-in-one, customized commercial cleaning and janitorial expert. (We call ourselves DIS.IN.FX®-perts, actually.)

Our aim is simple: to provide an unparalleled and scientifically verifiable clean, unmatched by any of our competitors.

At DIS.IN.FX®-, our goal is and has always been to help people—help people feel safer, more comfortable, and healthier in all the places they spend significant amounts of time in.

Nowhere is this purpose more important than in the janitorial and commercial cleaning service of schools, daycares, and preschools in the San Antonio area.

Kids don’t have the fully developed immune systems that adults have, which means they also don’t have the defenses to guard against bacterial and viral infections like adults.

This means keeping schools, daycares, and preschool facilities not only visually clean but also sanitary is of the utmost importance.

Concordia Lutheran School

5-Star commercial janitorial reviews

“Dis-In-FX service gives us the peace of mind that our children and members are safe.”

CrossFit BR

5-Star commercial janitorial reviews

“I love the peace of mind that DIS.IN.FX gives to my clients with their antimicrobial service.”

Gracie Barra Katy

5-Star commercial janitorial reviews

“We have not had any skin infection issues since we started using DIS.IN.FX.”

Little Treehouse Early Learning Center

5-Star commercial janitorial reviews

“We haven't had any 'bugs' go through our facility. I truly believe it is because of our combined efforts.”


Schools, daycares, and learning facilities are tough to keep clean.

Schools, daycares, and preschools pose unique challenges as it pertains to sanitation.

First, let’s face it: kids don’t really understand the meaning of “personal space.” This creates much smaller areas of movement—and transmission. They also touch their faces a lot, and when they play, they often touch one another and other high-touch surfaces, like doorknobs, tables, chairs, and toys.

DIS.IN.FX® disinfects it all. Our non-toxic and water-based antimicrobial gets sprayed on everything at your school, daycare, or preschool to reduce the chances of viral and bacterial transmission between kids and the surfaces they love to touch.

How (and what) we clean
in schools, daycares & preschools

Surface Disinfection

The majority of disease and viral transmissions in schools, daycares, and preschool facilities occur either from direct contact between kids or from contact with frequently touched surfaces.

While we can’t do much about kid-to-kid contact, we can ensure surfaces that are frequently touched are as clean and sanitary as they can possibly be.

Our commercial janitorial services focus on sanitizing these high-touch surfaces regularly and effectively. Toys, door knobs, tables, chairs, and other high-touch surfaces are cleaned thoroughly and regularly with water-based antimicrobial disinfectants to minimize the chances of viral and bacterial infections.


Water-Based Antimicrobial Products

In addition to their effectiveness, our water-based antimicrobial products are also environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals, our products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for the planet. We also offer customizable cleaning plans to fit the unique needs of your educational institution, including scheduling and frequency of cleaning. Our team of experts is trained to use the latest cleaning techniques and equipment to ensure that your school, daycare, or preschool is a clean and healthy environment for everyone who enters. Choose DIS.IN.FX® for the ultimate cleaning and protection solution for your educational institution.


Air Quality Services

Maintaining good indoor air quality is essential for creating a safe and healthy environment in schools, preschools, and daycare centers. Poor air quality can contribute to various health problems such as allergies, asthma, and respiratory infections, which can impact both students and staff.

At DIS.IN.FX®, we offer expert air quality services that can help you safeguard the health and well-being of everyone in your educational institution. Our team of professionals uses advanced air filtration systems and air duct cleaning techniques to remove harmful particles, allergens, and pollutants from the air, ensuring a clean and healthy indoor environment.


Pest Control

Pests can be a serious problem in educational institutions and can cause damage to property and pose health risks to students and staff. At DIS.IN.FX®, we understand the importance of a pest-free environment, and we offer comprehensive pest control services for schools, preschools, and daycare centers.

Our team of experts is trained to identify and address any pest infestations quickly and effectively, using safe and environmentally friendly methods. We use advanced pest control techniques and treatments that are tailored to your educational institution's specific needs, ensuring long-term protection against pests.


Floor Cleaning

At DIS.IN.FX®, we understand the importance of maintaining clean and hygienic floors, especially in educational institutions where children spend a lot of time playing and learning. We offer specialized floor cleaning services that are designed to eliminate harmful germs and bacteria that can accumulate on both hard and soft floors.

Our team of experts is trained to use advanced cleaning techniques and equipment to effectively clean and disinfect all types of flooring, including tile, wood, and carpeted floors. We use EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectants that are safe for children and pets, and our cleaning methods are environmentally friendly.


Restroom Cleaning

Keeping restrooms clean and sanitary is crucial for schools, preschools, daycare centers, and other educational institutions. With high foot traffic and frequent use, restrooms can quickly become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, putting the health and well-being of students and staff at risk.

That's why it's important to choose a reliable and professional restroom cleaning service that can provide a thorough and effective clean. At DIS.IN.FX®, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment for students and staff, which is why we offer top-notch restroom cleaning services tailored to the needs of educational institutions.

Why choose DIS.IN.FX®?
Our Promise

Treat. Test. Certify.

You can’t make a promise if you don’t test your work. DIS.IN.FX® backs its services with scientifically verifiable testing. When you see the DIS.IN.FX® check, you can rest assured that the environment has been treated and tested to the DIS.IN.FX® standard.


Clean it like we own it.

We take ownership of the work we do as if we lived in the spaces we clean. Doing so ensures a top-notch attention-to-detail that’s unrivaled by anyone else in the business. We reinforce accountability and all of our crews take ownership of their work.


“Good enough” is never good enough.

We take pride in delivering a certified clean, every time. If we ever settled for less than our best, we wouldn’t feel comfortable hanging the DIS.IN.FX® check on the wall when the job is done—because the job wouldn’t actually
be done.


What happens next?

  1. Give us a call, or contact us through our form. We’ll get back to you, usually within 24 hours or 1 business day.
  2. A DIS.IN.FX®-pert will walk you through a consultation where we learn more about the specific needs of your school, daycare, or preschool facility. This includes exact address of your business, square footage, cleaning frequency, etc.
  3. We’ll prepare a quote and establish a cleaning schedule.
  4. Let the cleaning begin! You, your staff, and your students, attendees, and parents will start to feel safer, healthier, and more comfortable in your education facility than ever before.