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If you don’t see the check, it’s not DIS.IN.FX®’d.

Surface. Air. Pest.

For more than a decade, DIS.IN.FX® has specialized in sanitizing some of the world’s highest-traffic and most infection-prone spaces, including schools, daycare facilities, gyms, hospitals and medical facilities, and sports stadiums and arenas.

We certify our proprietary approach with a scientifically verifiable test at the conclusion of our service.

  • Floor care and carpet cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Window cleaning
  • Routine cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Hospital-grade disinfectant treatments
  • Antimicrobial coating treatments
  • Surface testing and reporting
  • Emergency treatments
Pest Control:
  • Full-service pest control
  • Termite inspections
  • Termite treatments
  • Ongoing pest treatments
  • Rodent and animal control
Other Services:
  • Hospital-grade air filters changed monthly
  • Air quality testing and reporting
  • Return and Supply disinfection treatment

Wear your DIS.IN.FX® certification like a badge of honor.

Surface testing concludes with a DIS.IN.FX® certification, which you can mount on a wall in a high-visibility area. Show your employees, customers, members, and guests that you take sanitation seriously.

5-Star Pest Control reviews
5-Star Reviews