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DIS.IN.FX® provides specialized janitorial and commercial cleaning services for warehouses that cater to your unique cleaning needs. Our team of experts is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, specialized products, and advanced cleaning techniques to provide a thorough cleaning and disinfection service that ensures a safe and healthy environment for your employees and visitors.

With our tailored cleaning solutions, we can exceed your expectations and set a new standard for cleanliness and hygiene in your warehouse. Trust us to take care of the cleaning, so that you can focus on your mission of serving the public.


Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than the Best. Choose DIS.IN.FX® to Elevate Your Warehouse's Reputation.

Looking to maintain optimal cleanliness and hygiene standards in your warehouse? Look no further than DIS.IN.FX®! Our specialized non-toxic, water-based antimicrobial sprays provide long-lasting protection against viral and bacterial transmission on high-touch surfaces, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your employees and clients.

Our innovative cleaning and disinfection services, available in San Antonio, utilize advanced techniques that surpass conventional methods, delivering comprehensive results that meet your specific cleaning needs. Choose DIS.IN.FX® to elevate your warehouse's sanitation standards and set a new benchmark for cleanliness and hygiene. Trust us to provide a solution that exceeds your expectations and promotes the success of your business.

How (and what) we clean

in San Antonio’s warehouses


Surface Disinfection

In warehouses, high-traffic areas can be a hub for bacterial and viral transmission. DIS.IN.FX® recognizes the significance of upholding the cleanliness and sanitation of frequently touched surfaces to reduce the risk of infection for employees and visitors.

Our commercial janitorial services concentrate on sanitizing high-traffic surfaces, including door handles, reception counters, and other commonly touched areas. We utilize specialized water-based antimicrobial disinfectants to thoroughly and regularly clean these surfaces, providing an additional layer of protection against the spread of infections.

Rely on our team of DIS.IN.FX®-perts to deliver superior sanitation services that prioritize the health and safety of everyone in your warehouse. Let us assist you in creating a clean and healthy environment that fosters the success of your institution.


Floor Cleaning

DIS.IN.FX® provides professional floor cleaning services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of warehouses. Our team of experts is equipped with the latest technology and specialized equipment to ensure that your floors are cleaned thoroughly and efficiently.

We use eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions that are safe for your employees and the environment. Our comprehensive floor cleaning services include vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing, and polishing, as well as the removal of any stains, spills, or debris.

With DIS.IN.FX®, you can trust that your warehouse floors will be left looking and feeling as good as new. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and exceed your expectations. Let us help you maintain a clean and safe working environment in your warehouse.


Restroom Cleaning

Maintaining clean and hygienic restrooms in warehouses is crucial for the well-being of both employees and visitors. High traffic areas and frequent use of surfaces can easily become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, making it essential to take proper cleaning measures to ensure a safe and healthy space.

At DIS.IN.FX®, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive and effective cleaning solutions for restrooms in warehouses. Our team of experts is equipped with advanced cleaning techniques and uses non-toxic, hospital-grade disinfectants that are safe for public spaces. We provide thorough cleaning of all surfaces, fixtures, and equipment in restrooms to eliminate germs and bacteria, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for everyone.

Choose DIS.IN.FX® for high-quality cleaning services that exceed your expectations and set a new standard for cleanliness and hygiene in your warehouse. Trust us to provide a solution that promotes the success of your institution by maintaining a clean and healthy environment for employees and visitors.


Air Quality Protection

At DIS.IN.FX®, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and safe environment for everyone in your space.

Our professional air quality protection services are customized to meet the specific needs of government buildings, ensuring the highest level of air quality. Our team of experts is trained in advanced air filtration systems and air duct cleaning techniques, using cutting-edge technology to eliminate harmful particles, allergens, and pollutants from the air.

We offer regular maintenance services to ensure that your air filtration system operates efficiently and effectively, reducing the risk of respiratory infections and other health issues. Trust DIS.IN.FX® for superior air quality protection services that exceed your expectations and promote the success of your warehouse by creating a healthy and safe environment for your employees and clients.


Pest Control

In warehouses, maintaining a pest-free environment is crucial to prevent damage to equipment and health risks to personnel. At DIS.IN.FX®, we understand the importance of keeping public spaces free of pests, and we offer comprehensive pest control services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of warehouses.

Our team of experts is trained to quickly and effectively identify and address any pest infestations using safe and environmentally friendly methods. We use advanced pest control techniques and treatments that are designed to eliminate pests while minimizing any disruption to your operations.

With our services, you can ensure that your government building is protected against pests and the risks they pose. Trust DIS.IN.FX® for superior pest control services that exceed your expectations and provide a safe and healthy environment for your employees and visitors in your warehouse.


Water-Based Antimicrobial Products

DIS.IN.FX® offers eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for warehouse employees. Our water-based antimicrobial products effectively eliminate harmful germs and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals, ensuring a healthy and safe environment.

We understand that every warehouse has unique cleaning needs and schedules, and our team of experts is trained to provide customized cleaning plans that meet those specific needs. With advanced cleaning techniques and equipment, we ensure that your warehouse is always clean and healthy. Our customizable cleaning plans are tailored to your specific requirements, providing a professional and hygienic atmosphere for your employees and visitors.

Trust DIS.IN.FX® to provide the highest quality cleaning services for your warehouse, and experience a cleaner and safer environment for everyone. Our commitment to eco-friendly solutions and customized cleaning plans ensures that your building is always in top condition.


What happens next?

  1. Give us a call, or contact us through our form. We’ll get back to you, usually within 24 hours or 1 business day.
  2. A DIS.IN.FX®-pert will walk you through a consultation where we learn more about the specific needs of your school, daycare, or preschool facility. This includes exact address of your business, square footage, cleaning frequency, etc.
  3. We’ll prepare a quote and establish a cleaning schedule.
  4. Let the cleaning begin! You, your staff, and your students, attendees, and parents will start to feel safer, healthier, and more comfortable in your education facility than ever before.

Meet the kings of janitorial

We have over a decade of experience serving the commercial janitorial cleaning needs of all kinds of businesses in and around the San Antonio area:

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Concordia Lutheran School

5-Star commercial janitorial reviews

“Dis-In-FX service gives us the peace of mind that our children and members are safe.”

CrossFit BR

5-Star commercial janitorial reviews

“I love the peace of mind that DIS.IN.FX gives to my clients with their antimicrobial service.”

Gracie Barra Katy

5-Star commercial janitorial reviews

“We have not had any skin infection issues since we started using DIS.IN.FX.”

Little Treehouse Early Learning Center

5-Star commercial janitorial reviews

“We haven't had any 'bugs' go through our facility. I truly believe it is because of our combined efforts.”

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The DIS.IN.FX® Guarantee

At DIS.IN.FX®, our mission is to help people: help people feel safer, healthier, and more comfortable by guaranteeing an unparalleled clean. At DIS.IN.FX®, we guarantee with 100% confidence that after a commercial janitorial cleaning of your warehouse, you and your workers will feel:

  • Cleaner
  • More comfortable
  • Safer
  • More productive

...or you don’t pay for your service. It’s as simple as that.

Why choose DIS.IN.FX®?

Our Promise


Treat. Test. Certify.

You can’t make a promise if you don’t test your work. DIS.IN.FX® backs its services with scientifically verifiable testing. When you see the DIS.IN.FX® check, you can rest assured that the environment has been treated and tested to the® standard.


Clean it like we own it.

We take ownership of the work we do as if we lived in the spaces we clean. Doing so ensures a top-notch attention-to-detail that’s unrivaled by anyone else in the business. We reinforce accountability and all of our crews take ownership of their work.


”Good enough” is never good enough.

We take pride in delivering a certified clean, every time. If we ever settled for less than our best, we wouldn’t feel comfortable hanging the DIS.IN.FX® check on the wall when the job is done—because the job wouldn’t actually
be done.