DIS.IN.FX® utilizes the LAST antimicrobial product in its unique misting application process. It is important to understand the science behind any antimicrobial product and the difference with DIS.IN.FX®’s LAST antimicrobial product.

Any antimicrobial product kills and limits the growth of pathogen microorganisms by disrupting and creating a hostile environment in which to live. These microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and other germs. Unfortunately, many antimicrobial products including sanitizers, disinfectants and other cleaning products have a downside. They are extremely toxic, contaminate the environment with undesirable chemicals and antimicrobial resistance occurs causing adaptation, resistance, mutation and migration of superbugs.


Untreated vs DISINFX treated

What is different about our antimicrobial is the use of quaternary ammonium silicone (“SIQAC”) compounds. These super antimicrobial agents are the new generation of antimicrobial products that are water-based systems that make them much safer for use with the general public. These Gen 2 compounds boast many benefits including being non-flammable and require no special handling or dilution. Because they are water based, non-toxic and can be applied uniformly on most surfaces, our antimicrobial product is ideal and safe for most application uses including medical and facilities with children. 

It gets even better. Our LAST antimicrobial product is worthy of its name. When it is applied to any surface with the misting system, it not only kills the germs, it prevents them going viral by reacting with the surface and forming an integrated system bond. Through an ion exchange and rapid polymerization, it forms a durable, antimicrobial protection barrier that literally spears and electrocutes odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew, and algae. The frequency of treatment is determined based on each company’s activity level and isolating high contaminations points within the facility. 

DIS.IN.FX®’s LAST vs Traditional Disinfectants

 LAST disinfectant logoTraditional Disinfectants
Residual Technology Yes No
Leaching No Yes
Compatibility Yes Yes/No
Environmentally Preferred Yes No
 LAST disinfectant logoTraditional Disinfectants
Mutation / Superbugs No Yes
Safe Yes No
Stability Yes Yes/No
Active Surface Yes No

When deciding on a disinfection service for your company, follow the science and make an educated decision on the most effective, professional disinfection services to protect your customers and employees. Do more than clean and sanitize. Disinfect with the most advanced antimicrobial product available. Contact us today to learn more about our protection services.


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