DIS.IN.FX® Kills and Prevents Germs from Going Viral.

There are plenty of new comers to the disinfection business taking advantage of decision makers need to operate during the pandemic. There is a big difference between a janitorial or sanitation service and DIS.IN.FX® disinfection with antimicrobial services. In fact DIS.IN.FX® can be a great audit system to your current housekeeping procedures. Our testing system will help identify the overall cleanliness of the facility. 

DIS.IN.FX® specialty disinfection services have a proven track record for over a decade with the proven results in illness and infection prevention. We consult with your business or institution to determine the high traffic touch-point areas where additional antimicrobial services may be needed. 

  • Hospital Grade & Covid-19 EPA Approved Disinfectants 
  • Antimicrobial Coating 
  • Electric Misting Application 
  • Water Based Products 
  • Rigorous Safety Testing 
  • 10+ Year Proven Track Record 

Promote Your Investment In Their Protection

These are tough times for businesses and institutions to operate. Whether you are an essential business or coping with regulations, it is important customers and employees feel comfortable and safe. Promote the fact you are being proactive and have employed new disinfection and antimicrobial services. 

In addition to our outstanding service, we offer marketing materials and reports to show your community that you are engaged in their health and safety. This marketing support shows that you have invested in the ultimate PPE (personal protection equipment) by utilizing a professional disinfection and sanitation service. 

  • Marketing Decals 
  • Comprehensive Testing Reports
  • Facebook Posts
  • DIS.IN.FX® Certified Wall Certificate
  • Print & Email Handouts 

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Hospital Grade Disinfectant & Antimicrobial Coating


Swab Testing Guaranteed Under Threshold


Protect your Brand Name, Employees & Customers

Get the sanitation service that has been proactive in the industry for over a decade. We TREAT with hospital-grade disinfectant and antimicrobial coating. We swab TEST to guarantee the environment is under threshold. We CERTIFY our finding and provide you with display materials to give your customers and staff peace of mind.


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