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For over a decade, DIS.IN.FX has been committed to delivering exceptional commercial and residential disinfection services to the Orlando and surrounding areas. We are proud to be the experts at keeping germs from going viral and of our reputation for service that stands above the rest.

When business owners and residents of Orlando partner with DIS.IN.FX, you cab rest easy knowing that we are hard at work to ensure that your facility is safe from exposure and spread of infection due to harmful germs, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. Our commitment to preventing the spread of infection in Orlando is tried and true, and our number one goal is to protect the health and well-being of employees and customers to keep your business and community running smoothly.

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Commercial Disinfection Services

At DIS.IN.FX, we know how crucial it is to provide a clean environment to your employees and customers within your facility to promote a sense of wellness and health. We understand how important it is to your business to send a strong message to the community that you are taking precautions and measures to ensure their health and well-being seriously, especially during a global pandemic.

Our expert and certified professional experts in specialty disinfection service work in a variety of industries, including Athletic Centers, Gyms, School Districts, Restaurants, Medical Offices, Military Facilities, Child Care Centers, Colleges, Universities and more.

When you trust the experts at DIS.IN.FX, you get professional disinfection services that you can count on and provide proven results. We provide free consultations and evaluations of your facility to determine the best course of action to fully disinfect and protect your customers and employees from the risk of infection in your facility. In addition, our signature Treat, Test, and Certify program will verify the effectiveness of our disinfection treatment to ensure optimal protection, or we will retreat the area at no additional cost.

Keeping Orlando Safe During Covid-19

DIS.IN.FX has been offering proven disinfection services for over a decade which means that we have been keeping businesses and communities healthy and germ free long before the Coronavirus pandemic, and we will still be going strong after Covid-19.

DIS.IN.FX goes beyond simply cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. We fight the virus causing germs that you can’t see and not only kill bacteria and viruses, but our hospital-grade, EPA approved, antimicrobial disinfectant, LAST, product and an electric misting application process leaves behind a protective barrier on surfaces that continue to defend against the spread of infection.

Contact us to learn more about how DIS.IN.FX will keep germs from going viral in your facility today.


“We have decided as a district to be proactive, not only in all our schools but our buses and vehicles.”

Kris Hafezizadeh, Austin ISD

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