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DIS.IN.FX has been on the ground providing Miami and surrounding communities with professional commercial and residential disinfection services for restaurants, hotels, apartments, gyms, medical offices, childcare centers and other commercial and residential applications long before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. We take the health of Miami and surrounding communities sincerely and help with delivering virus and germ protection to our local businesses and neighbors. That’s super important with the start of school and sports to reduce the spread of staph, flu, colds, coronavirus and other traditional childhood illnesses.

Our proven track record of to keeping communities and businesses of Miami safe testifies to our commitment to keeping our customers and community’s health seriously. Partnering with DIS.IN.FX will let your customers, employees and community rest easy knowing that we are hard at work providing them with industry leading disinfection services to help protect them from germs, bacteria and pathogens to keep them from going viral

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Specialty Disinfection Services

Utilizing DIS.IN.FX experts ensures that you are getting trained, certified and professional disinfection specialists you can count on to deliver clear results. Our dedication to improving the health and well-being of Miami and surrounding areas shows in our pledge to our clients through the disinfections services we perform.

Keeping Miami Safe During Covid-19

At DIS.IN.FX we are devoted to helping our clients keep their customers secured from the spread of Coronavirus, influenza and other pathogens in their businesses and facilities. We know that keeping staff, clients and vendors healthy during a pandemic is essential in operating a business smoothly.

We utilize a highly effective, hospital grade and Covid-19 EPA registered products when we disinfect your facility. Our trained disinfectant technicians also utilize industry leading electric misting applicators to apply our exclusive antimicrobial coating to surfaces that provide ongoing protections from infectious germs and pathogens for your clients and employees.

DIS.IN.FX guarantees proven results and client satisfaction, ask for a free consultation and evaluation today. Your can rest assured our disinfection experts will help to kill infectious pathogens, germs, bacteria’s an viruses and keep them from going viral. Contact us for more information today.


“Amazing, Amazing Service”

Cassandra Solis, Cardinal Montessori

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