Emergency Disinfection Treatments

Don't shut down your business, call DIS.IN.FX! 

DIS.IN.FX® offers 24-hour Disinfection Services. This means our customers can call for emergency treatment at their facilities following notification of an internal illness, often within 24-hours of notification. We will Treat, Test, and Certify our customer's facility to ensure the facility is at its best - to ensure its DIS.IN.FX® Certified.

This service is offered as an independent service to customers not on our program or at a discounted rate as-needed for customers with regular service.

DIS.IN.FX®offers a professional disinfection and antimicrobial treatment program. Our Treat, Test, and Certify program protects our customers using effective, hospital-grade, EPA-registered products. The treatment application kills germs while applying an antimicrobial coating. 

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“We love DIS.IN.FX because they keep our students safe and healthy.”

Jack Nelson, St. Michael The Archangel High School